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Friday, March 26, 2010

Soul Retrieval Part 1

I would like to share with you a hypnosis I did when I was about 23 to go back in to past lives.

Your first questions is probably why?

So I will tell you and I will try to keep it short, or...I may have to do it in sections to get the whole picture in :)

I had met a man (who I ended up spending 20yrs with) and as I did with all of my relationships, once it got started I kept waiting for it to end. Thinking this way became distracting and annoying and I couldn't see any reason in this life to think that way so I thought It has to be from a past life.

I ended up very lucky and met a wonderful woman called Jill Sykes in Parramatta. (coincidentally my old land lord in NZ's name). It was winter and she took me into a very cluttered office with an electric fan heater whirring away and a great big comfy recliner.

I laid back in the relciner wondering what the hell am I doing here and being totally conscious of my surrounds the whole time. I could hear the whirring, I was thinking about the man sitting outside in the car waiting for me, while the whole time the hypnotist was asking me questions and I thinking, on top of being conscious, what a crock of shit.

Your second question should be, why did you think it was a crock O'?

Well I'll tell you.

She was asking me what I saw and I was visualising a park in Fremantle next to the cinema's where I worked as a teenager in the coffee shop down stairs and at intervals in the lollie bar upstairs. I used to hand dip those chocolate bombs :) Anyway, back to my story.

In this park was a beautiful willowy tree on the side of a slope. There was also a tiny but wonderful irish pub and an outdoor amphitheatre, again not huge but wonderful to sit in and, make love in, with the love of your life :) I'm digressing again but it was a magical park, I wish I had visited it when I went back. Anyway, this is the park I was seeing. And I thought it was just memories of very happy times when I was a teenager and met my boy friend there, under that tree. We would lie there all weekend if we could, so close. It was unbearable being apart from him. But back to the story and I'll try and stay focused. :)

Then she asked me what I saw and I said a little girl. This made me even more convinced it was just memories because it was the little girl from a recurring dream I had from my earliest memories until I was about 22. And I mean recurring...nightly at least until I was...I can't remember, I just remember they where still quite frequent but not nightly until I was about 18 then I had a 4 year rest until the final time at around 22. So I was thinking "This is just all my old memories being dredged up. (How true when I look at it now, our past lives, including peices of it we leave around in this life are our memories)

I was feeling a little disappointed to be honest, it wasn't what I expected at all, I didn't expect to be conscious of the whirring fan heater the man waiting for me or have memories resurface. But I answered her questions. I don't remember them all but this is close to it.

Jill what do you see?
Me A park
Jill what park?
Me A park I used to meet my boyfriend in
Jill what else do you see?
Me The Tree
Jill What Tree?
Me The Tree me and my boyfriend used to sit under for hours
Jill Is there anything else there
Me Yeah (hesitantly)
Jill What is it?
Me A little girl (with a sigh of non belief)
Jill What's your name?
Me (unconvinced I'm not making this up buy sewing peices of memories together and thinking she is a looney using the term 'your') "I don't know" I anwered
I'm not sure what Jill said next but she kept coaxing for a name and I kept saying she doesn't have a name, in the end I mumbled "Amy"
Jill How old are you Amy?
Me (in manner a bit irritated with the 'your' business, wondering if I'd lost my marbles thinking this is going to help me) 8
Jill How did you die?
Me I said matter of factly "she was an orphan, she just died cold and lonely in the snow" (There was no way I was going to say I or me.) But in this vision in my head I knew I knew the alley I saw her little body laying in because it was the one she was always running down in my dream.

Jill Okay we are going to go back a little further now...what do you see?
Me wondering where the heck this image was coming from because it was like nothing I'd ever seen to have kept as a memory from this life so I just went with it (still thinking crock O') and described a white farm house in the middle of a very lush green farm. I saw elderly parents with their only child about in his 40's in denim overalls, head always lowered sitting around a small square wooden table in a very clean and bright kitchen.

Jill Whats your name?
Me the name John fell out of my mouth
Jill What do you do John?
Me HE was just a farmer
Jill How did you die John (again with the you you you, I thought)
Me He died alone on the farm.
Jill Did you have family?
Me defensively "No"
Jill okay we are going to leave John now and go back.....before she could finish her sentence I started freaking out!

Me hyperventilating and getting very anxious - "What the hell is going on!" I became pinned to the recliner.
Jill calm as a cucumber - "It's okay, it's okay, what are you feeling?
Me - It, it, (I'm trying think what I could compare this feeling to) it feels like there is a slab of concrete on top of me....I can't breath! I was panicking. I could physically feel this , I couldn't open my eyes and it was terrifying.

Jill - it's okay, it's not happening now remember, your in my office, you are calm and tell me what you see.

Me - it took me a nano second to exclaim in horror "OH MY GAWD! THEY ARE BURYING ME ALIVE!" I said ME, I could see and feel everything, It was real. I was down the bottom of a grave looking up at all these people throwing dirt down on me.
Jill - what's your name?
Me - without hesitation "David"
Jill - who's burying you alive David?
Me - the people of the village
Jill - what do they look like?
Me - I'm not sure, they look like Quaker type people (I could see their dress as clear as day and the face that stuck out the most in the people gathered around the top of the grave was my ex mother in laws, and this is one of the ways I can also best tell you why I believe in Karma).

Jill - why are they burying you alive David?
Me - My mind immediately flashed to the second story of a barn and I saw me on top of a girl, laying on the hay, going for it and I said "I got a girl in the villiage pregnant" (notice I said I)
Jill - and they buried you alive for that?
Me - coily I said, a bit embarrased - she was promised to someone else
Jill - did you love her
Me - "no" I said honestly
Jill - what happened to the girl
I saw the vision of her naked body with huge lashes across her back walking away from the village trying to cover herself, tears streaming her dirty face and the look of pain and apology on her as she looked back at me. But simply what I said, with sorrow and sadness "they beat her and sent her away from the village"

And with that she brought me back. Her conclusion was...

"Well no wonder your always waiting for relationships to end, you DIED having one!"

And I was content with that explanation :)

I now know that it was all real and that was my first SOUL RETRIEVAL.

Knowing what I know now and reading back on this I understand the importance of having those peices of my soul back with me.

Love + Light = Peace


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Colour Black - Meaning & Symbol

I have been noticing all the feathers being gifted to me recently and the other day I received a beautiful Black Feather.

I tried googling for the meaning or symbol of receiving a black (or any feather for that matter) and found that there really isn't a whole lot of explanations for individual feathers except in reference to the Shamanic calling if you do notice them.

One article I read that gave a one word reference to the different colours of feathers merely had next to the black feather - not recommended.

For centuries we have been conditioned to associate the colour Black with evil and dark forces but during my meditation while holding my Black Feather in my right hand, Sea Eagle Feather in my left hand and directly in front me in a sacred box an Angel Feather I received a completely different meaning for the colour Black.

It was communicated to me that my Black Feather was gifted to me for spiritual protection. It was then explained to me that we have been programmed to believe it represents bad but when you think about it, witches, real and in Hollywood, both good and evil have been represented wearing Black and the actual reason is so that it repels negative energy without having to constantly call upon protection.

I am to believe that for those of us who's light shines bright and attracts spirit (they are not all benevolent) black clothing makes us less obvious to them, especially at night because we are harder to find as we blend with the shadows.

Of course, people with more experience will find fault with this but all I can say is, that is what I was instructed and it actually makes sense to me.