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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Colour Black - Meaning & Symbol

I have been noticing all the feathers being gifted to me recently and the other day I received a beautiful Black Feather.

I tried googling for the meaning or symbol of receiving a black (or any feather for that matter) and found that there really isn't a whole lot of explanations for individual feathers except in reference to the Shamanic calling if you do notice them.

One article I read that gave a one word reference to the different colours of feathers merely had next to the black feather - not recommended.

For centuries we have been conditioned to associate the colour Black with evil and dark forces but during my meditation while holding my Black Feather in my right hand, Sea Eagle Feather in my left hand and directly in front me in a sacred box an Angel Feather I received a completely different meaning for the colour Black.

It was communicated to me that my Black Feather was gifted to me for spiritual protection. It was then explained to me that we have been programmed to believe it represents bad but when you think about it, witches, real and in Hollywood, both good and evil have been represented wearing Black and the actual reason is so that it repels negative energy without having to constantly call upon protection.

I am to believe that for those of us who's light shines bright and attracts spirit (they are not all benevolent) black clothing makes us less obvious to them, especially at night because we are harder to find as we blend with the shadows.

Of course, people with more experience will find fault with this but all I can say is, that is what I was instructed and it actually makes sense to me.

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